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Designing Public Outdoor Spaces

public landscape design

When you’ve decided to take on a big public landscape design project, it’s exciting. Creating outdoor spaces that are open to the public is a challenge and a joy. There is a lot to learn, but done right, it can be very satisfying. The goal for a public landscape is to evoke positive or peaceful emotion. You are creating a performance with plant material!

First question. What is your budget? Second question. Who will be maintaining the finished product, and what is the maintenance budget? Answer both of these questions before putting pen to paper (or mouse to CAD drawing).

Third question. Who will be using your outdoor space? A performance is only as good as the audience reaction. Make it the talk of the town, so when people experience your site, they beg others to go back with them to experience it again. You can do this! Read on to find out how to create a smashing success.

Public outdoor spaces belong to everyone. It is important to keep this in mind whenever proposing new activity.  Proposals to beautify public areas should be reviewed thoroughly by more than one designer to be sure any concepts meet essential safety and aesthetic standards. The information you read here can help your group understand the creative landscape design process. It will guide you, so your group can achieve a successful, long-term enhancement project. The material will be presented as a non-technical explanation of typical regulations, safeguards, and effective examples for your park, industrial campus, therapeutic space, commercial complex, or educational garden.

If you want to become a quick expert on design of public outdoor spaces, continue reading. Remember, though. Experts are subject to public criticism. Start building a flexible, thick skin. Experts are open to judgement from others. Be prepared to back up your design decisions with facts.

How can you become a quick expert on design of public outdoor spaces?  Here’s a link soon to the soon-to-be published draft version 0.0 of a new Advanced Guide to Landscapes eBook, based on years of experience working with the pros, evaluation thousands of public landscape projects.

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