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Advanced Guide to Landscapes

The Advanced Guide to Landscapes;Designing Successful Landscapes is available for download now!














The Advanced Guide to Landscapes: How to Design Successful Landscape Projects, 1st Edition is a quick, concise guide to professionally design large-scale landscape projects with plan drawing guidance and tips on contract specifications. If you are a landscape architect, especially if you are new to the industry, this book will guide you through the design process for long-term success. If you are in a different engineering discipline, it will help you understand the basics of the landscape architecture. If you are a homeowner, it will help you produce professional results for your residential site.

Specifications and Contracts

Specifications and Contracts

How can the topic of contracts ever be interesting? It’s all related to timing. When you are in charge of a project and there is a conflict between what is being done in the field and what the designer intended to be done, specifications and contracts become fascinating! Until then, they are just papers with words and numbers running across the page. They read like tax instructions or insurance policies. Why should you struggle to understand them? Because:


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