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An Ounce of Prevention

lawn herbicides

Before the end of September, put out pre-emergent herbicides on turf areas. This will prevent cool-season, winter weeds from crashing the lawn party later. Bittercress, Trampweed, and Cheatgrass are not just intimidating names for thuggish weeds. They are winter annual weeds, ready to start their new life cycle. In early fall they make preparation for a prolific generation of new seeds next spring before dying out and leaving an ugly, empty spot in the yard all summer. Stop them before they sprout, gain strength, and grow an extensive root system in your grass by timing a pre-emergent herbicide application before the first frost.

Late February-early March is the time for weed prevention of most warm-season turf weeds.  If you want to prevent a ton of headaches later in the summer, put down pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn in late winter. Uninvited guest in the warm-season include hoodlums like Crabgrass, Witchgrass, and Sandbur. With names like that, their reputations must be bad! If you wait until the Forsythia blooms in spring, you will have allowed all those new weed babies a chance to sprout. They may not be big at first, but they are tenacious. Late winter is when they are most vulnerable, and you can be most effective at stopping them cold.

An ounce of weed prevention is worth a pound of cure. One well-timed application can prevent the extensive use of weed-killing chemicals later in the season. I don’t want to say, “I told you so.”

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