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“Make Me Wanna Shout!*”

outdoor wedding venue designWedding and event spaces are great opportunities to allow your landscape design imagination to soar. These are fantasy outdoor spaces. The bride is a princess and you get to create her kingdom. Have fun designing them!

Provide a solid parking lot area. Be sure to make wheelchair accessible seating and circulation available. Provide a place for refuge from inclement weather. A covered pavilion is a nice addition. Furnish plenty of seating space and tables. You will need a location for electronic equipment to be set up safely.

An outdoor wedding event space is an outdoor cathedral or ballroom. It needs walls. Connect your design with outdoor scale. Go big! Use large evergreen vegetation for enclosure and as a backdrop for temporary decorations.

One way to make things easier for decorators is to create PVC sleeves along both sides of the aisles for arbors and shepherd hook posts. Then they can be easily removed and replaced as needed. Expensive floral arrangements and garlands can be carried indoors during stormy weather and brought back out just before the ceremony begins. This gives every group the opportunity to create their own custom decorating style.

Think of creative ways you can build a fantasy landscape that is modular and reusable. Provide a setting that can be custom decorated in a thousand different ways. Use neutral greens and white. Include places on structures to attach decorations easily. You provide the backdrop and the stage. Decorators add the frills. Make the structures sturdy enough to withstand multiple army invasions.

Provide plenty of receptacles for lighting, electronic equipment, music, and mosquito catchers. Computer connections would be helpful, too.

You need separate rooms for a wedding. Provide an out-of-the-way area with running water for cleanup. Both bride and groom need an area to prepare for the ceremony, so create private dressing areas nearby in your design.

Even though the venue must take a back seat to the decoration, it needs to have special style and beauty that evokes a once-in-a-lifetime excitement. “Get the party started**,” and let the fantasy creation begin!

*The Isley Bros


Outdoor Wedding or Event Venues