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A Doll House for Adults

outbuildings, utility sheds

Outbuildings can perform many purposes. They can provide storage and act as part of a fence or wall. They can serve as a tool shed, a pool dressing area, or covered party seating. They can be part of an entrance gate or act as a play house for your children. They can be a potting shed or a greenhouse lean-to. They can be a tree house or a tractor carport. They do any or all of these things while providing style at a human scale.

Outbuildings provide the perfect opportunity for you to combine design flare and utility in the landscape. They are structures where you can push your imagination. A little outdoor building is a place for fantasy and fun. Reach inside to your inner child for inspiration. Small outdoor structures are perfect for charming decorative trim. They can have functional features and still be fun. When designing outbuildings, you have an opportunity to add personal style to the landscape. 


Outbuildings and Utility Storage Sheds