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Entertaining and Outdoor-Fun-Party Space

landscape fountain, showy patioThe most intense use of a residential landscape happens in midlife. A home landscape can flourish when the property owners are all grown up. Once everyone can swim and stops eating the poisonous berries on the shrubs and loses their inclination to climb dangerously in tree tops, the design of outdoor rooms can be more adventurous. You can add fire and water and expensive sculptures and dramatic staircases. Your plant material can be extravagantly ornamental. It is high display season in the garden.

Midlife is the time to do a periodic garden design evaluation and redecoration. The enclosure you created for safety when your children were young can now be the perfect backdrop for a dramatic focal point or elaborate floral border. The circulation that surrounded outdoor playrooms can now provide access to delightful destination points and patios. You can make a new entertainment space for parties and star gazing, and add adult recreational structures like bars and swimming pools.

outdoor entertainment areaBe sure to include plenty of seating for guests. This doesn’t have to be convention chairs and benches. Low walls and eighteen-inch-tall planters can provide innovative, dual-purpose seating. Be sure to provide adequate shade, too. Full sun is only comfortable in short bursts.

You can have fun while making a lasting design statement outdoors. What you install during this phase of your home landscape will provide visual entertainment for you as you sip coffee from the veranda. It is important to place your “wow” features where they can be seen indoors, because the truth is, you may not spend as much time outside as you do inside—looking out!

Midlife is the time when you can build collections of specialty plants and add a greenhouse for rare species. You can create an herb garden parterre for hand-picked freshness and flavor for outdoor meals. You can expand your cooking space with an outdoor kitchen and barbeque grill. You can add dramatic lighting and use your yard late into the night.

All you need is a good landscape design and a lot of money!

Midlife Landscapes