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Creating Patterns in Turf

lawn stripingThere is a wonderful article about lawn striping on the Scag Power Equipment web site. It explains, with clear diagrams, how to mow in contrasting directions to push grass blades into patterns. The shinier the grass blade, the stronger the stripe, so species with smoother blades will show up more. One of the suggestions in the article is to raise the mowing height a half-inch for a more dramatic effect. This improves the lawn in two ways—stronger striping and healthier turf. If you mow low every couple of days, you can maintain the striping of shorter grass, but why torture the grass in such a way?

Mowing in opposing directions to create patterns is incredibly obsessive, but it looks amazing. Some landscape crews use roller attachments to push the grass blades into a more pronounced lean, but without daily maintenance, this could weaken your grass. Artificially augmented striping is a bit much, unless you are mowing a sports field where loud patterns are expected. Think about striping your lawn as if it is donning a plaid jacket. Subtle plaids are great, but blatant patterns are for car salesmen. The fact you are mowing your lawn in stripes is quite a statement already.

Lawn Striping