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The Characteristics that Make Landscapes Unique

a sense of place, landscape design sense

A sense of place is the combination of characteristics that make a landscape unique. It is an intangible feeling, similar to the way you feel when you detect a new school year is about to begin and the wind whispers through the tree tops with a fresh scent. It is a perceived change from the usual that your site possesses. Each outdoor area you prepare to transform deserves a moment of reflection. Record the surrounding environment, and provide some continuity with the distinguishing essence of the natural and constructed history of the site.

Good professional designers incorporate their client’s wishes into their plans, along with the challenges and limitations of a site, while giving due respect to the sense of place. Even so, they must establish their own authentic sense of self and hold fast to their unique design voice. Start developing your style. Don’t be afraid to propose an independent and untried idea. The combination of sense of place and sense of self make for beautiful landscapes.

Landscapes with a Sense of Place