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Landscapes in Miniature

When I visit a miniature urban courtyard garden that looks like it has been pruned with tiny sewing scissors, I love it! Those perfectly shaped geometric shrubs and hedges outlining knot gardens and parterres are simply charming. So what if the owner is a control freak! They are a real pleasure to experience. Beautiful iron gates and brick walls enclose delightful garden jewels in places like Savannah and Charleston. Boxwood is perfectly at home here. Creating patterned foliage colors and intricate ground cover beds are possible when a garden is only twenty feet wide and twenty feet long.

There is no shame in the obsessive compulsive nature of courtyard gardens—only the glory of complete control over nature, with love of gardening mixed in. The attention to detail is a good lesson for all landscape designers. The more crazed the gardener, the more beautiful the garden. 

Landscaped Courtyards