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japanese garden, atlanta botanical gardenGood landscape design is nurtured by both success and failure. If you want to become a great landscape designer, you can do it one of two ways. You can learn the hard way, through years of successes and failures, or you can get mentoring tips from someone else who has gone through the process for you.  The landscape industry is changing rapidly, and many of those who have become experts with time-tested experience are leaving.

Not only that, the professions that provide expertise have become highly specialized, with no single firm being able to pull together all the essential elements of a landscape plan that delights and works well, incorporating good horticultural, landscape design, engineering, and maintenance knowledge into a really good landscape plan.  Outdoor living spaces that are a pleasure to experience are becoming all too rare.  When you are lucky enough to visit one, there is a quiet inside voice asking, “Why can’t I do something like this at home?” Outdoor living spaces that are a pleasure to experience are becoming all too rare. 

 for the latest updates on how this can be done. For helpful maintenance tips, check out the list of articles here.

It is possible to create beautful landscapes. Here’s a link soon to the soon-to-be published draft version 0.0 of a new Advanced Guide to Landscape Design, based on years of experience working with the pros and evaluation of thousands of landscape projects.  

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