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Share the Road

bike path designBike paths can be great amenities for adjacent neighborhoods if they are designed nicely. Multi-use paths need to be eight to ten feet wide. Try to preserve as many trees as possible when grading for new paths. Occasional shade canopy is an important part of the pleasure of biking.

A bike path is a linear park. Restricted access sometimes makes sense, but usually, the more people and activity near a path, the safer it is. Lighting can also add to the public safety of the path. Communities need alternate ways of getting from one place to another, rather than depending on automobiles. A safe, excellent path system is a draw for economic development.

Complete screening with fences or walls of a bike path can create new, big problems that can make it dangerous to use. Adding vegetative screening for a bike or multi-use path can add safety issues, too. Try to keep paths open to visual checks from passing cars and police patrols.

A local government entity or homeowner’s association should budget for bike path maintenance, with regular reports of pavement status and issues as a part of every public meeting.

Bike Paths