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Slope is Everything

athletic field designSports fields are perfectly graded and crowned to drain pieces of ground built to handle heavy foot traffic and abuse. Consult official rule books for dimensions and markings. Modified soil mixes are used on turf areas to fight the damage from compaction and uprooted sod. Drainage tile is usually added at the edges of sloped fields for rapid percolation. Even though the fields are sloped, they should appear flat to the spectators and players, so the amount of fall from the crown is critical.

Sun orientation is also important. You want low sun angles to hit the field in ways that won’t blind the players. Artificial lighting and spectator seating should be included. No one wants to lob a tennis ball with the sun in their eyes.

Athletic field design is a team sport. Sport equipment suppliers can be very helpful with design advice and often provide their own consultants if you use their products. The maintenance supervisor of a sports field should be a fanatical expert on turf and turf issues. They are the ones who will make your design look good. Athletes can provide valuable tips on what they look for in a quality playing surface. Include input from all the stakeholders in the initial conceptual design phase.

Athletic Fields