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Focus on the Future

landscape maintenance workplanThere are typical tasks that should be included in a maintenance work plan. A work plan should be part of any landscape installation contract. Include contract obligations and consequences for non-compliance, or the words will not carry weight. Include detailed requirements for the contractor, in graphic form as needed, on the plan sheets. By anticipating future maintenance needs for your project in the design and specifications, the longevity of the finished landscape will improve. A maintenance work plan puts the health and viability of your project in focus.

• Plant replacement

• Edging

• Mowing

• Pruning

• Herbicides

• Posting for Pesticide Applications

• Pesticide Application with Proper Applicator Certification

• Turf Aeration

• Pressure Washing

• Painting

• Leaf Blowing

• Sweeping

• Mulching

• Fertilizing

• Soil test

• Irrigation Maintenance

• Winterizing Irrigation Systems

• Leaf Raking

• Debris removal

• Lighting Maintenance and Bulb Replacement

• Pine Cone Pickup

• Dead Plant Removal

• Unclogging Stormwater Drains

Landscape Maintenance Work Plan